Endgame for Ireland

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Finally the last to admit that Ireland is deperate for financial aid do so – the Irish government. Earlier in the week they denied they had asked for help from Europe but today the IMF and co. arrived regardless.

Brian Cowen IMF

I felt this anonymous comment on a guardian article hit the nail on the head:

Many awoke after 9-11, a full nine years ago, but we were and still are shunned by ignorant fools who trust authority. We have had to watch a predictable unfolding story play out in America and across Europe, our warnings sneered at. The description you so brilliantly paint of Ireland’s journey is not unique, and the UK travels the same path.

There is no left, no right, there is only the illusion of power and the illusion of weakness, and people to cowardly to do the right things. Stop allowing journalists and politicians to do your thinking for you, or you will be lead like cattle to the slaughter house. Stop cheating and lying and competing with each other, as if your enemy is your neighbour.

The greatest problem is perhaps that people can’t even see who their enemy is. They can’t see because they need to trust, for life is too complex and frightening if you can’t trust those in authority. You can’t see because your enemy is organized and lies and controls, while you are disorganized, gullible and obedient.

We who have seen this coming need you all to awake. But more important than that, you need you to awake, and your children and grand children need you to awake.


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